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I Have Had It

How many of you out there are talked into buying something stupid on a daily basis?

Not all at once please…


I fall for these sneaky salespeople almost every day and I am sick of it. My most recent purchase that I immediately regretted buying was one of those “Sham-Wow” rag cleaning pieces of garbage that looked like such an amazing purchase that was sold so well to me on the TV. For those of you out there who have no idea what I am talking about it looks like this:

Yeah, it is as bad as this ad looks. But for whatever reason I fall for them…. Every single time…. And with each of these purchases I swear off bad spending habits forever but low and behold here I am, venting my frustration to anyone out there that might be interested in this. Hey, if anything you can use this as a little escape to make you feel better about yourself.

What can I say? The thing looked handy. I consider myself to be a pretty clean and neat kind of guy and I am one that will go through a roll of paper towel in 2 days just trying to keep everything in order and when I saw the commercial it looked like a completely reusable paper towel and we all need to be a little more eco-friendly here in America don’t we? Yeah let’s go with that. I am willing to sacrifice my hard earned cash on these worthless items that will just collect dust and eventually end up in a landfill to keep the Earth full and plentiful of all of it’s beautiful resources. More of you out there should be as Earth conscious as I am…

Alright alright… I am just an idiot.

what am i doing on here?

Alright so after this horrific purchase of this stupid Shamwow, I decided to look back at some of the better services and items I have purchase over the years (there are not many) and give credit where credit is due.

I kind of feel like people absolutely rush for any chance to talk bad about something they bought or an experience they have had somewhere but no one really bothers to talk places up when something is awesome. I might be making this up but I think I read some kind of study or research about this and it is absolutely true. People go out of there way to write a bad review on yelp or to call a customer service line to bitch, moan, and complain to whoever they can.

I think it has something to do with a feeling of being in power for a lot of people. I worked in customer service for many years back in the day and I can tell you that this is absolutely the case when it comes to service. The majority of people out there will absolutely POUNCE on a chance to complain about a bad server or a moody cashier but will never call a manager over to tell them how good of a job they have done.

I am going to try and keep this little blog as positive as possible and hopefully get some good praise out there where it is really needed.