Thank No One for Bug Zappers

Alright I wasn’t planning on it but to keep this thing interesting I think I am going to back and forth between wonderful works of customer service and employment that deserve nothing but praise and the best, and those who may have been having a bad day or another product that I threw money away at. I kind of like this idea and it will keep this thing from sounding a little too repetitive.

Sound good? Good.

back to bugs

Unfortunately, this little topic doesn’t have a Joe at the end of it to come save the day and brings us to my first case of money not so well spent.

Have any of you out there ever actually owned or tried to use one of those bug zapper things that we have seen oh so frequently in either cartoons or other TV shows?

These little things. Not the lamps that have a light to draw bugs and zap them but the tennis racket looking contraptions that is supposed to make swinging around taking out the world of bugs around you a breeze.

Well, for any of you out there who have never tried one or were maybe considering giving one a try even if it is just for the fun of it let me save you the time and money.

These things suck. Period.

who buys these things?

Now I don’t live in the middle of the woods or country and I am not constantly being swarmed by mosquitoes or flies and am in constant need of some relief. But last summer a bunch of friends and I took a road trip to a huge musical festival in Michigan called Electric Forest. Who else misses summer more than anything in the world? There is nothing I love more than 75 degree weather with a cool breeze feeling like God himself fanning you with your gym shorts on. I really need to move south, just talking about summer is making me realize how miserable I really am in the winter.

Anyways; for any EDM or festival fans out there, you know that Electric Forest is one of the biggest and most amazing festivals of the year and this was my first time going so needless to say I was super pumped. It is an outdoor camping festival going from Thursday-Sunday and this was the longest time I had ever been actually camping. So being the resourceful guy I am, I decided to do some camping shopping and bought what I thought to be all the essentials. As you can probably assume by now, this stupid bug zapper was among those items.

we probably killed 2 bugs

Anyone who has ever been to a music festival before, you understand that things can get a little rowdy to say the least and pretty much everyone isn’t exactly in the most “clear-headed” state of mind throughout the entire weekend and was exactly the case with my friends and I.

So on the first night after all the shows were over we all headed back to our camp site to carry on with our drinking and partying until the sun came up. When we got back to camp everyone was getting all situated and thinking I am about to be the man and savior of our mosquito infested camp site, I nonchalantly pulled out my brand new bug zapper to show it off.

Needless to say, there weren’t many other topics of conversation for the rest of the night besides me and my stupid bug zapper. Rightfully so too, the damn thing was worthless. I maybe killed 2 mosquitoes the entire weekend with it and it is way more of a hassle than a tool.

We ended up zapping as many random things as we could of course and just saw how far we could take it. The majority of people who buy these things have to be buying them to just mess around and see what they can zap, right? Or maybe they are all just as dumb as me and like to think they are about to save the day.

Stay tuned for some positivity next!

Thank God for Exterminators!

So I would like to take the time to give great praise and thanks to Mr. Joseph, the first and absolute hero that I will be the star of my first gratitude post. How often do you find yourself actually being talked out of buying some type of service or product from an employee? I honestly cannot think of another instance where this happened but it did and it saved my friend about 750 big ones. I unfortunately don’t remember Joe’s last name or the company that he worked for but I really wish I did.

Why couldn’t I have had this little epiphany about praising good people and employees my whole life? I can’t help but wonder how many times I let genuinely good service go unnoticed. When I worked as a server many moons ago, a solid compliment from a guest almost always meant at least a free dinner if not some extra cash or a shift drink and I would always be so grateful when someone went out of their way to let myself or my boss know that my hard work was paying off. What’s worse is how frequently people would go out of their way to make sure they made my life a living hell even when most situations were completely out of my control.

But I digress…

our new friend joe

It all started a few years ago when I was just out of school and taking time off from the real world and was visiting my buddy Tom from college. He lived in a big city so it wasn’t uncommon for someone to find the occasional rat or bed bug in your apartment. This was a different world for me; coming from a small town in Michigan.

So naturally, I was absolutely mortified when I woke up to Tom calmly telling me that he might have found bed bugs in his bed. I immediately felt disgusted and wanted nothing more than to burn everything I owned thought I brought with my and jump in a shower with bleach coming out of instead of water.

Tom proceeds to laugh off my paranoia and tells me that pretty much everyone he knows in the city has come across bed bugs at some point in their city living lives and there really is no point in freaking out about them. I have definitely never seen bed bugs in my life but immediately began researching as much as I could about them. This was done selfishly of course, as I really was only concerned about my risk in getting these things at the time. Click here to check out what these little monsters look like. Yeah, they are absolutely disgusting and they only feed on human blood which is just lovely.

So long story short, Tom had an exterminator come out that day and take a look around. Tom showed him the specimen and the guy immediately started talking prices and wanted $750 to clear out the room and over $1000 to clear the whole apartment.

Tom wasn’t convinced so called to get a second opinion and this is where our new friend Joe made his appearance and looked around. When we showed him the bug Tom found, Joe immediately started laughing and assured us that this happens way more often than you would think but these are in fact, not bed bugs.

Apparently Tom found this little creature called a bat bug that are almost identical to bed bugs.

See, we weren’t just being paranoid

Joe had such good character that he saved Tom almost a thousand dollars just because he is a good person. He didn’t ask for a dime and said that he was glad that he could help. Joe gave him a 20 for his trouble and honesty and Joe seemed almost shocked that someone would give him any money. Hell, I wanted to give him a hundo!

We need more people like Joe in this world and I will never forget that saint for his good deed. If you’re reading this Joe, you are the absolute man and have no idea how much we appreciated what you did.

I Have Had It

How many of you out there are talked into buying something stupid on a daily basis?

Not all at once please…


I fall for these sneaky salespeople almost every day and I am sick of it. My most recent purchase that I immediately regretted buying was one of those “Sham-Wow” rag cleaning pieces of garbage that looked like such an amazing purchase that was sold so well to me on the TV. For those of you out there who have no idea what I am talking about it looks like this:

Yeah, it is as bad as this ad looks. But for whatever reason I fall for them…. Every single time…. And with each of these purchases I swear off bad spending habits forever but low and behold here I am, venting my frustration to anyone out there that might be interested in this. Hey, if anything you can use this as a little escape to make you feel better about yourself.

What can I say? The thing looked handy. I consider myself to be a pretty clean and neat kind of guy and I am one that will go through a roll of paper towel in 2 days just trying to keep everything in order and when I saw the commercial it looked like a completely reusable paper towel and we all need to be a little more eco-friendly here in America don’t we? Yeah let’s go with that. I am willing to sacrifice my hard earned cash on these worthless items that will just collect dust and eventually end up in a landfill to keep the Earth full and plentiful of all of it’s beautiful resources. More of you out there should be as Earth conscious as I am…

Alright alright… I am just an idiot.

what am i doing on here?

Alright so after this horrific purchase of this stupid Shamwow, I decided to look back at some of the better services and items I have purchase over the years (there are not many) and give credit where credit is due.

I kind of feel like people absolutely rush for any chance to talk bad about something they bought or an experience they have had somewhere but no one really bothers to talk places up when something is awesome. I might be making this up but I think I read some kind of study or research about this and it is absolutely true. People go out of there way to write a bad review on yelp or to call a customer service line to bitch, moan, and complain to whoever they can.

I think it has something to do with a feeling of being in power for a lot of people. I worked in customer service for many years back in the day and I can tell you that this is absolutely the case when it comes to service. The majority of people out there will absolutely POUNCE on a chance to complain about a bad server or a moody cashier but will never call a manager over to tell them how good of a job they have done.

I am going to try and keep this little blog as positive as possible and hopefully get some good praise out there where it is really needed.